And still, still the trolls persist in the comment section. No matter how precise and explicit your feelings were expressed, it’s like their eyes glazed right over the words. That’s not “suggesting an opposing viewpoint,” that’s undermining your agency and your autonomy. Invalidating your feelings and ultimately shunting you to a position of inferiority. Fuck that. And fuck them and their bullshit aggression.

You’re a brilliant, talented human being with great worth and, I believe, a great deal to give to society. I thank you for sharing this piece with everyone. You deserve respect, dignity, acknowledgment, and praise.

Every black woman deserves this. Every black man deserves this. No matter how you’re dressed, how you’re speaking — a human being deserves respect and honor. To treat someone otherwise is despicable.

And to touch a person without their consent? To grab at them like a box of cereal in the grocery store? How much of an ignoramus do you have to be, to try and pull that on someone? Then to attempt to gaslight them with, “Oh, but your hair is so pretty; I’m just paying you a compliment.” Absolutely not. White people who do that are behaving like children at best and like colonizers at worst.

I am sorry for the indignities you’ve suffered. I’ve said before, it’s not a Black person’s job to educate whites on how to behave like civilized people — it’s the job of other white people to call out that shitty behavior. Again, this is beautifully, poignantly written and I feel both your passion and your exhaustion. Humbly, I thank you for elucidating these critical points and hope that the message is received.

(this is a messy response and I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be commenting at this time of morning with no sleep etc. I felt compelled to respond right away. I’m book-marking this essay and re-reading it tomorrow with fresh eyes. I send only the best of light to you to help combat this onslaught of negativity. And I will not be complicit in the oppression of other people. I hope I haven’t spoken out of turn or spoken over you. Coming back to this tomorrow.)

I write topical fiction, autobiographical fiction, surrealist fiction, dystopian fiction, and joyful fiction. I probably like you already.

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